Quick Tip – Avoiding a rusty grate and grill.

The most obvious method of keeping the cooking grates, or your grill, from becoming rusted and looking awful, is to use them daily.

This would be great for several obvious reasons.  However, in most circumstances, this is not practical.

The best method to retard/eliminate the grate from rusting would be to take the following steps after each cooking event and while the grill is still warm/hot:

Buy it on Amazon1. Scrape the grate clean from any cooked-on foods/products.
2. Use a dry, stiff wire brush to thoroughly clean between the bars.
3. Rub down the grate with a cooking oil/lard.
4. Place the grill in a covered location until the next use.

If you have somewhere to store the grate / grill that is not only protected from the elements, but is also not humid or damp, then your grill will last a lot longer.


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