Quick Tips – No more greasy grates.

Occasionally, you may notice your cooking grate is not getting clean, no matter how much scrubbing / scraping / brushing is done ,and that it needs that “extra touch” to get it really clean.

To get your barbecue grill “purified”, light a generous amount of charcoal and place it all over the charcoal grate – actually on the grate, as well as below it.  You might need more around the edges where the build up of caked on grease is situated.

If you have a heavy of build up on the cooking grate, and if the fire is hot enough (it will need to be very hot), the build up of old cooking greases will catch fire and incinerate.  When the fire dies down, it is then easy to brush down and reveal a clean grate.

Buy it on AmazonThis method also works well for grates where you do a lot of indirect grilling (i.e. heat at one end, and meat on the other end).  Meat juices will collect on one end, and then flare up occasionally when they come into contact with the flames.

It is best to do this burning-off in a controlled setting before beginning to cook, as you do not want to cook new food in the flames and smoke of old burning grease.

When you are finished with the purification by fire, it’s the perfect excuse to start cooking – after all, why waste the heat that’s left in the coals?


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