Be cautious with meat marinades.

As you know, marinades come in many different flavours and varieties and here at FlamingFood we love to give you new recipes regularly, but we also like to stress food safety too.

When you’re in the kitchen, and you’ve made a fantastic marinade that the meat is soaking up to create a  wonderful flavour, a process that can take hours and hours, pause for a moment.  When it comes to the time for cooking and you think to yourself that it would be a shame to waste your great tasting marinade, so you’ll just use it on the meat as a baste or sauce for additional flavour … stop and think food safety.

Buy it on AmazonBefore using the marinade, boil it, or microwave it on high, for two to three minutes.

Why, you might ask?

Well, there is bacteria on all meat.  When the meat is cooked, you kill any germs which may be lingering around once the temperature rises above 150 to 165 degrees.  But that same bacteria is in the leftover marinade as well.

For safety’s sake, boil the marinade and kill the bacteria in it.

Be safe, be happy.


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