Quick Look – Weber Smokey Mountain 22.5 inch Smoker

Yesterday the mail man brought me my new 22.5-inch Weber Smokey Mountain Smoker to test out and review.

I quickly assembled it (about 15 minutes) and as soon as I get all those leaves clean up I’m going to be test firing the unit.

I am particularly interested in seeing how this super-sized WSM heats up, what the charcoal consumption rate is going to be and if it is as easy to maintain temperature with this size as it is with the older 18.5-inch smoker.

I hope to get a turkey in to smoke in the next day or two and will start letting you know how this unit works out.

New to the Weber Smokey Mountain’s for 2009 is a hood mounted thermometer and a bottom heat shield which protects the surface the smoker is sitting on as well as reflects heat back up into the smoker. Looks like I’m going to be having a fun weekend.

The 22.5-inch Weber Smokey Mountain is being shipped now, and is available at a limited number of retailers.  I will see if I can’t put together a list of locations where you will be able to find this smoker.

Suggested retail price is US $499, but I’m starting to see online listing for $399.

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