Available Soon – Weber Q140 Electric Grill

After some considerable engineering Weber has produced an electric version to its popular Q line of portable grills.

If you know anything about electric grills, you’ll know that it’s difficult reaching temperatures high enough to sear a steak.  What Weber have done with the 1,560 Watts (at 120 volts) is nothing short of spectacular.

By lining the shell of this 189 sq inch Q grill (comparable to the Q 100 gas version) with a reflective aluminium insulating layer, the heat-up time is greatly reduced, and this electric grill can hit temperatures up to 600 degrees F.

The problem with most electric grills is that when you open the lid all the heat escapes, and the heating element has to reheat the cooking chamber. This grill can reheat that space much faster than other electric grills.

Selling at around US $280 this is the perfect grill for balcony-based cooks who are forbidden to use gas or charcoal. This grill will be available soon.

Photo © 2008 Weber-Stephen Products Company

Original post by Derrick Riches on Derrick’s Barbecues & Grilling Blog

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