Weber BBQ Redesigns offer More Choices

Weber’s New and Redesigned Grills and Smokers Offer Consumers Even More Choices to Fit Their Lifestyles.

With its new electric grill plus extended lines of smokers and gas and charcoal grills, Weber’s 2009 product line will appeal to all grilling and barbecue enthusiasts – no matter where they live or how they cook outdoors.

New to the Weber Line-Up

Weber Q140 – An outdoor electric grill worthy of Weber’s best-to-market manufacturing standards, the new Weber® Q® 140 electric grill is particularly for grilling enthusiasts with gas or charcoal restrictions-such as those who live in condos, apartments, mobile homes, and town homes.

The Weber Q 140 has 189 square inches of total cooking area, a stainless steel cooking grate, infinite heat control settings, and a six-foot grounded cord. This Underwriters Laboratories-Listed (UL®), outdoor-only electric grill cooks food as close to a small gas grill as one can get.

Manufacturer Suggested Retail Price (MSRP) is $279, however they are available significantly cheaper on eBay and similar channels.

Update June 2010 – the Weber.com websites are carrying limited edition Q140’s in the colours of each team playing in the World Cup soccer competition – you need to go to the Weber site for the country whose colours you want to buy, though there’s no indication of limited geography for shipping, I suspect such a restriction might apply.

Smokey Mountain Cooker™ smokers – As outdoor smoker ownership and “low and slow” barbecuing becomes more popular (according to the annual Weber GrillWatch Survey™, smoker ownership among American grill owners has gone from 12 to 17 percent in just three years), Weber will introduce an extra-large version of its famously popular 18.5-inch Weber® Smokey Mountain Cooker™ smoker with a 22.5-inch model.

“It has 50 percent more cooking area than our 18.5-inch model, which our smoking enthusiasts have been asking for,” says Mike Kempster Sr., Weber executive vice president. “People who are fans of what they lovingly refer to as the ‘Bullet’ wanted the capacity to cook more barbecue – particularly as many of them participate in barbecue competitions, or typically smoke a large amount of meat for family, friends, and neighbours.”

The new 22.5-inch smoker (with 726 square inches of cooking area) and the updated 18.5-inch smoker (with 481 square inches) also feature a new lid-mounted temperature gauge and a no-rust aluminium door with a new spring-loaded latch for easy access to the charcoal, wood chunks, or chips, chamber, and the porcelain-enamelled water pan.

MSRP prices are $349 for the 18.5-inch and $499 for the 22.5-inch. Again, you can save yourself at least $100 by checking eBay daily for cut-price unused smokers.

Weber One-Touch Gold classic kettle – As charcoal grilling continues to be on the rise-and Weber is easily the world’s dominant market leader in this category – the company will add a larger version to its classic kettle line-up with the Weber® One-Touch® Gold 26.75-inch charcoal grill.

This expanded size model has 508 square inches of cooking area compared to the best-selling Weber One-Touch Gold 22.5-inch kettle grill’s 363 square inches.

“Weber actually introduced the 26.75-inch charcoal grill back in the early 1960s and then phased it out almost 10 years ago. But with the recent rise in charcoal use and our consumers asking for larger charcoal grilling surfaces, it was time to bring it back,” said Kempster.

Enhanced features include a stainless steel cooking grate, Tuck-Away™ lid holder, built-in thermometer, and two Char-Basket™ charcoal holders. MSRP: $349.

Genesis “EP” series grill – Those wanting to add a luxurious splash of colour to their outdoor space, or who don’t want the hassle of keeping a stainless steel grill clean, will appreciate all the colours offered in the Weber® Genesis® “EP” gas grill series.

While the Genesis is also available in stainless steel (“S” models), Weber has added two more colours for 2009 with a bold “Brick Red” and a stainless steel colour-like “Steel Gray.” Other colours include black, copper, and green.

The Genesis “EP” series grill features a porcelain-enamelled shroud (porcelain enamel is one of Weber’s core competencies which is used for its long-lasting charcoal grills and smokers); three stainless steel burners and stainless steel Flavorizer® bars; 637 square inches of cooking area; and 7 mm-diameter stainless steel cooking grates.

The Genesis EP models will be available at five-star and speciality retailers.
MSRP prices are

$899 for the Genesis® EP-310™ LP gas grill

$949 for the Genesis® EP-320™ LP gas grill (which also has a 12,000 BTU-per-hour input flush-mounted side burner).

The natural gas models are an additional $20.

Tuck-Away™ Rotisserie System – Rotisseries have become almost standard on high-end grills, and now most of the Weber® Summit® gas grills feature an inventive new Tuck-Away™ Rotisserie System with a hidden, heavy-duty electric motor that’s easily flipped up from the grill’s left-hand side table. The motor can be stored back inside the side table when not in use to give grillers more working space.

There’s a strong added feature to the Summit models that have the new Tuck-Away rotisserie system: The grills’ enclosed carts have a special storage area for the included separate spit and fork when they aren’t in use. “No more looking for the rotisserie motor that may be in a kitchen cabinet, or for the spit that may be in the garage behind the mower,” said Kempster. “Now all the parts are where they should be, in one place in the grill cart, ready for convenient and immediate use.”

Weber’s Redesigned Grills

As the industry’s finest entry-level, full-size gas grill, the Weber® Spirit® series has been updated with a sleeker design for 2009.

The three models – the Spirit® E-210™, E-310™, and E-320™ – now have completely enclosed carts so that the LP tank is hidden inside.

The Spirit E-210 (with two stainless steel burners, 458 square inches of cooking area, and 26,000 BTUs) and Spirit E-310 (with three stainless steel burners, 536 square inches of cooking area, and 36,000 BTUs) also have a stainless steel work surface.

The Spirit E-320 has a 12,000 BTU-per-hour input, flush-mounted side burner.

MSRPs for the LP grills are $499 (E-210), $599 (E-310), and $649 (E-320).
Natural gas models for the E-210 and E-310 are an additional $20; the E-320 doesn’t come in a natural gas model.

While retailer decisions of when they carry or display outdoor grilling products vary, Weber has begun shipping its new products and expects to see them in stores by Spring 2009.


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