Cookshack FEC300 is Fully Mobile!

It’s a dilemma faced by many barbecue restaurants and caterers:  How to get that big pit into the building.  And once you get it in there, you can’t move it out for off-site jobs or cook-offs.

Fast Eddy's Cookshack FEC 300The new Fast Eddy’s by Cookshack Model FEC300, with a 300 lb. capacity, solves that problem.

The 100% wood burning pit is 49.25” wide and 80.5” tall and will roll right through a double door.  It’s trailer mountable and can go where the jobs are.

“We know that most people are working in existing buildings and how impossible it is to move big pits in and out, so we came up with this solution. By placing two of the FEC300’s side by side with left and right facing doors, the restaurateur has a 600 lb. capacity without tearing out part of the building,” says Ed “Fast Eddy” Maurin, inventor of the FEC line of 100% wood burning smokers and championship barbecue cook.

Kansas City Meat Processor Praises FEC300 as Economical

Bichelmeyer Meats has been a Kansas City meat institution since 1890, and have been using FEC100’s since they bought an original model from Eddy in the late 1990’s. They recently added the first FEC300 made for sale to their arsenal of smokers, and they are enthusiastic about the results.

Says Matt Bichelmeyer, “The FEC300 is great, in it we do the meats that we’ve always produced, but we now can do them better. It produces a nicer product in color, tenderness and taste.  We do Slim Jims, Beef Jerky, and 12 kinds of Sausage in it, as well as smoked pork loin and pork chops. It’s proved to be a very valuable piece of equipment. It’s actually put more money in our pocket, especially when you look at the cost of fuel. The cost of burning gas vs burning pellets has been unreal. It’s much more economical to smoke with the pellet burners.”

Put It On A Trailer And Take It On The Road!

Cookshack’s competition and catering customers have made the FEC line of custom trailer configurations their choice for moving their smokers from place to place. The FEC300 is no exception. In addition to the usual trailer features, the FEC300 trailer has room for an optional 65x12x12” Delta toolbox. The toolbox will easily hold two 20 lb. bags of wood pellets, three 5 lb. jars of Cookshack barbecue spices, and a gallon of Cookshack barbecue sauce, with room left over for other supplies for the caterer or competitor.

The FEC300 has five rotating rotisserie racks, with three removable shelves per rack. Shelves can be configured for slabs of ribs or larger cuts of meat by removing one or more shelves.

Meets or Exceeds Air Quality Standards

As urban areas crack down on smoke, the FEC line continues to gain in popularity because of the smokers’ ability to add perfect smoke flavour to meats without putting a large volume of smoke in the air. The food grade heat-compressed wood pellets used by the FEC smokers produce a clean smoke that gives excellent flavour and meets standards imposed by health departments.

Fast Eddy’s Smokers Take Teams to the Winners Circle

Like its big brother Fast Eddy’s by Cookshack, Models FEC100, FEC500, and FEC750, the FEC300 turns out a superior product. Just look at the winners on the competition circuit. Two of the reigning world champion teams  cooked on a Fast Eddy’s to win. Team cancersuckschicago.com took Grand champion at the prestigious Jack Daniels contest in 2006, and Hot Knots, cooking for the first time on an FEC100, walked off with the World’s Grand Championship at the 2007 Houston Livestock World Championship Bar-B-Que Contest. Britain’s Mad Cow team won the 2004 Jack Daniels Grand Championship cooking on an FEC.

Where to See the FEC300

The first public showing of the FEC300 is scheduled for the National Restaurant Association Restaurant Hotel-Motel Show held in McCormick Place, Chicago, IL,

May 19, 2007 – May 22, 2007, Cookshack exhibit booth #1585. Inventor Ed “Fast Eddy” Maurin will be on site as will Cookshack CEO Stuart Powell, National Sales Manager John Shiflet, and Frank Terranova, MCFE, of  Johnson & Wales University.

The FEC300 will appear during the summer at the Texas Restaurant Assocation trade show in June and the Florida Restaurant Assocation trade show in August. Call 1-800-423-0698 for details.

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