Be cautious with meat marinades.

As you know, marinades come in many different flavours and varieties and here at FlamingFood we love to give you new recipes regularly, but we also like to stress food safety too. When you’re in the kitchen, and you’ve made a fantastic marinade that the meat is soaking up to create a  wonderful flavour, a […]

The different chilli peppers used for BBQ sauces

JALAPENO PEPPER (Capsicum annuum) Scoville heat rating of 2,500 to 10,000. Commonly used in hot sauces, salsas and snack foods, Jalapeno Peppers add a nice touch of heat to whatever you eat.  The Jalapeno Pepper was named after the town of Jalapa in Mexico, but it is no longer commercially grown there. CHIPOTLE Scoville heat […]