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Quick Tips – No more greasy grates.

Occasionally, you may notice your cooking grate is not getting clean, no matter how much scrubbing / scraping / brushing is done ,and that it needs that “extra touch” to get it really clean. To get your barbecue grill “purified”, light a generous amount of charcoal and place it all over the charcoal grate – […]

Keep your barbecue gear clear of rust

How do you control rust in and on barbecue grills and burner bins? First, you must remember to take care of your equipment in order to keep it lasting longer.   One of the best ways to keep your units lasting longer is to always remove the charcoal or wood ashes.   Ash when it becomes […]

Quick Tip – Avoiding a rusty grate and grill.

The most obvious method of keeping the cooking grates, or your grill, from becoming rusted and looking awful, is to use them daily. This would be great for several obvious reasons.  However, in most circumstances, this is not practical. The best method to retard/eliminate the grate from rusting would be to take the following steps […]

What’s best? Charcoal or Wood?

We all want to barbecue our meat and produce the most flavourful meal possible.  But why do some grillers produce far better results than others?  It is often down to simply being the fuel they use. First, I do not recommend using freshly cut, green wood that has not had the moisture cooked out of […]