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Perfect BBQ in Three Simple Steps

To a purist, BBQ is all about slow cooking. This usually includes using a smoker, or a grill, with a tight fitting lid and large surface.  The idea is to keep the food at some distance away from the direct heat. You can do this by rearranging the briquettes, or by having a flame on […]

Best Way to Light A Barbecue

There are a lot of wrong ways to light a barbecue, many of which are responsible for the thousands of barbeque related injuries each year. The obvious things to avoid are using lighter fuel (or even worse gasoline), putting your hands into or near a half lit fire, and using wood. The usual result of […]

Quick Tips – Gas Grills Cleaning and Maintenance

Gas grills are relatively easy to maintain. Periodically, there are steps to take to ensure years of hassle-free performance. We cover them all below. Gas Griller’s Toolbox Store the following tools near your grill for quick, easy, and regular cleaning – Brass wire grill brush Stainless steel wire brush Soap-embedded, fine steel wool pads (0 […]

Must Do’s to be a better barbecue cook

If you are on this site, then without much stretching we assume you have been seeking the “perfect way”, or at least looking to improve your methods of outdoor cooking.  This quest will lead to preparing consistently tastier food for your family and guests. If this is your future in life, then there are certain […]

Roast Turkey on the barbecue

Christmas is coming and if you’re in a suitable climate, you may be wondering about using the barbecue for Christmas lunch, just for a change, or as an experiment.  Here’s the FlamingFood check list to ensure the perfect Christmas barbecue-roasted turkey. First, why use the barbecue when you’ve got a perfectly good oven in the […]

Be cautious with meat marinades.

As you know, marinades come in many different flavours and varieties and here at FlamingFood we love to give you new recipes regularly, but we also like to stress food safety too. When you’re in the kitchen, and you’ve made a fantastic marinade that the meat is soaking up to create a  wonderful flavour, a […]

Quick Tips – No more greasy grates.

Occasionally, you may notice your cooking grate is not getting clean, no matter how much scrubbing / scraping / brushing is done ,and that it needs that “extra touch” to get it really clean. To get your barbecue grill “purified”, light a generous amount of charcoal and place it all over the charcoal grate – […]

Keep your barbecue gear clear of rust

How do you control rust in and on barbecue grills and burner bins? First, you must remember to take care of your equipment in order to keep it lasting longer.   One of the best ways to keep your units lasting longer is to always remove the charcoal or wood ashes.   Ash when it becomes […]

Quick Tip – Avoiding a rusty grate and grill.

The most obvious method of keeping the cooking grates, or your grill, from becoming rusted and looking awful, is to use them daily. This would be great for several obvious reasons.  However, in most circumstances, this is not practical. The best method to retard/eliminate the grate from rusting would be to take the following steps […]